Please specify which conditions you use cannabis to treat or relieve.  Where marked with an asterisk * please provide specific details.



Addiction *




Allergy *





Appetite *






Back pain *

Bacterial infection *

Bipolar disorder

Bladder problems *

Brain injury *


Cancer *




Cruetzfeldt-Jacob disease


Cystic Fibrosis







Ehlers-Danlos syndrome




Fertlity *


Fungal infection *



Hepatitis *

High blood pressure

Huntingdon’s disease



Inflammation *


Morning sickness

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Muscular Dystrophy

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

Nausea *

Neurodegenerative disease *

Neuropathic pain *

Nutrition *





Pain *





Restless leg syndrome


Sickle cell disease

Sleep disorder *

Spasticity *

Spinal Injury *



Tourette’s syndrome

Ulcerative colitis

Wilson’s disease

Other *


§ 10 Responses to Conditions

  • dave parkin says:

    the main problem i use cannabis for is spondylosis this causes head and eye pains, servere pain in my neck, sholder and arm mobility problems along with pain and swelling along my back bone to just below my sholder blades. I take a cocktail of pain killers wich ive been on for 5 years plus now and thay are slowly killing me. I have found over the last year or so some cannabis strains take away most of the pain, all of the swelling along my spine and i have full mobility of my sholder and arm….this is something that no perscription drug has been able to do.
    I also have copd and intermittant claudication both conditions benifit from me taking cannabis because if im not hung over with pain killing medication i am a lot more active wich helps both conditions emensly.
    I take 9 different kind of medication…i intend with the guidence of my doctor to start in the new year to replace 5 drugs im on including all pain killers and replace it with approx 2g of herbal cannabis per day. I do hope at the end of the first 12 months my medication will be down by two thirds not only that it will give my liver and kidneys time to recover a little after the battering thay have taken over the last five years. Please feel free to contact me if you need any more infomation or if you want me to keep you informed when i start my detox from painkillers and the likes. kind regards dave

  • Joe Waffle says:

    I have been using medical cannabis for a long time now to treat my leukaemia it has helped so much with the pain and stress. Please make this a medical treatment, it would mean a lot to me and so many other people in my position.

  • graham says:

    I am a 48 year old male British citizen, with no criminal record, UNTIL NOW. About 10 years ago I had an accident at work, resulting in a broken knee, two days later I was admitted to hospital with a DVT in my leg I spent the next six months on waferin to thin my blood after this I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes , I became severely depressed and was on a cocktail of drugs and insulin injections, I found it hard to control my diabetes and was on high doses of insulin each day and was told I would always have to take this as my pancreas could not repair itself. I became imputent and had no sex life with my wife I was prescribed Viagra and none of this had any affect. I suffered severe panic attacks and could not leave my house without my wife with me. I was admitted to hospital several times with a suspected heart attack, and on the last occasion was told I did have a slight detereation it the veins to my heart.
    As my life went downhill, I lost my daughter, at that point I wanted to die. along with other personal problems I had, I tried to take my life twice. I have been on Saroxat and taken off due to links to suicide, and also Avandia that is linked to heart problems.
    I started using cannabis which I found when taken I had not got to inject as much insulin after a while I stopped all my medication and even insulin, and for the last three years at least have used this plant for my medication. And felt very well all my diabetic checks are always good and told I am doing something right. As I can now function properly and even have a part time job.
    So health sorted, life getting back on track, have two grandchildren and starting to enjoy life even got my sex life back. But now I am a criminal, and I have to mix with real criminals to get cannabis. You always get ripped off and never no what you are buying, the street gangs fund there guns and hard drugs from us medical users who are forced to use there service.
    So after a lot of research into straines of cannabis seeds, and expense I made myself a little room in my house bought all the equipment and paid VAT on it, I even paid VAT on the seeds. And sat in my own home and cared for these plants. But now I am a master criminal the police came and took it all away, although I will say the police could not have been nicer, they treat us very well. The day after my arrest I had to see my doctor and had to go back on a cocktail of drugs again most with bad side affects and the panic attacks are back. My blood sugars went through the roof again, and was told I had to have a full diabetic revue again which would mean insulin.
    I am very sorry if I am forced to brake the law, but I am sure I have the right as a human to medicate myself if I know and my family know the affect cannabis has on me and support me.
    After a week of hell tablets and illness, and a few dodgy meetings I managed to get some cannabis and would you believe within one day my blood sugars had dropped from 15.7 back to its usual range of 6.5 to 7.5 whilst using cannabis.
    I have found evidence that shows everybody already knows the benefits of cannabis use for diabetes and a lot worse conditions than mine, and how can it be just for the government to allow a company, that has already sold us drugs that have caused more problems than good. The right to use cannabis as there next wonder drug. And make me a criminal because I wanted a life now.

    • dave parkin says:

      The law is my concern untill 5 years ago i have worked since i was 16 “now47” and never broke the law but now i find myself dealing with what i call street children lads as young as 16 just out of school in order to get cannabis for my needs. I would love the chance to grow my own but i live in a houseing ass. property and open to regular visits and if you are found out you loose your home……….
      The other huge worry i have is i hope in the new year to be able to ditch “detox” from over two thirds of my daily medication…i have spent a great deal of time with my GP going through all this in she is 100% behind what im doing the only regret she has is not being able to perscribe the cannabis for me yet if im ever pulled by police and my surply is cut off or my current surply taken away from me …..i will be faced with the same problem of having to go back on all the meds im on now.
      And to finish off with as a result of the above i will be able to restudy and get back in to the work place on a part time basis and become part of the big picture like Mr cameron keeps telling us BUT the field i have masses of experience in and would love to work in again….has compulsary drug testing and with the government scare tactics i would be classed as an uneployeable addict………i just carnt win!!!

  • simon says:

    i have arthritis, (ankylosing spondilitis).

    i sometimes use cannabis…this aids me with the following associated problems,
    1. i suffered a spinal injury due to a RTA some years ago.
    2. muscle spasms- due to the above condition(s).
    3. pain relief- due to the above condition(s).
    4. sleep aid- due to the above condition(s).
    5. major hip pain and back pain due to the crippling and degenerative disese, ankylosing spondilitis.

  • alicio silva says:

    freedom of choice
    take pills that i can’t pronance the ingredients, or take medecine from a plant that i grow and know everithing about it because i grow it i know what i put on it and is natural does not go trow processing with other things

  • Keith Butler says:

    Cannabis works better than prescription pain pills for my constant lower back pain.

  • Dr.Jupiter says:

    I suffer from sinusitus and tension headaches.

  • robert macmaster says:

    I also suffer from conditions that are helped by cannabis

    I also suffer from medical conditions that respond only to cannabis.I have rheumatoid arthritis,clinical depression & back problems from an old RTA.I too have been visited by the police over one plant & a small amount for personal use & was arrested for “cultivation of cannabis”.At 60 I had never been in trouble with the police & the whole experience traumatised me & caused me to have another breakdown.I am on a cocktail of prescription drugs that do me no good.What is wrong with this country & laws that persecute people for simply trying to ease their pain ? I also have attempted suicide.The medical benefits of cannabis have
    been known for a long time.Why must we be persecuted like this.

  • cannabisforautism says:

    I use it for Asperger’s, I find it improves the behavioural and communication aspect. I also have skin and digestion issues (candida?) which only flare up when I don’t use cannabis.

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