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Thank you for visiting the British Medicinal Cannabis Register.

This is a database that records information about the use of medicinal cannabis in Britain.  It does not condone or encourage the breaking of any law or the use of illegal drugs.  It exists solely for the purposes of research and information.  Any patient information recorded here is confidential and has the same legal status as any medical record.


The purpose of registration is to create a database of factual information which will detail how many people are using cannabis as medicine, for what conditions and by which methods.  Statistical information from the database will be made available to doctors, scientists, researchers, campaigners and government.

Online registration will open by 1st December 2010.  In the meantime registration can be made by email to registration@bmcr.org.uk

To register, please compose an email that includes the Identity, Category and Method information specified below.  Then refer to the Conditions page (see link on left) and note down those conditions that you use cannabis to treat or relieve.

N.B. You do not have to provide your full address. However, a valid email address and the first part of your postcode is mandatory.  A verification email requiring a response will be sent.  BMCR may contact you again to verify and/or refine the information provided.

First name(s) Media Smoked (with tobacco)
Surname Medical practitioner Smoked
Email address Researcher Vapourised
House name/no Scientist Eaten (please specify)
Street 1 Supporter Topical/transdermal
Street 2 Other (please specify) Oral spray
Town Other (please specify)
Post code